innovative lockers for a modern daily life

security solutions for your objects

The Company

ZPlus is an Italian innovative start-up that develops and produces smart system for locking and electric charging. ZPlus projects solutions to give a modern answer to new day by day demands and free time.


for smart living and pleasant free time with intelligence and without worries.


for sustaining the development of a cleaner and healthy planet


for promoting virtual process to create value and reduce waste of time and resources

we think, we solve

focusing needs, devising affordable solutions

Step 1


Focus, learning about behaviours and market analysis.

Step 2


Concepts, prototypes, business strategies and feasibility assessments.

Step 3


Testing solutions, production, and market introduction

ideas builder

sharing skills to reach solutions. 

Our Factories

a production chain throughout Europe sharing technologies and production structures 

Our goal

timing and quality are "must" that we guarantee to all our customers and partners. Because of that we are supported by a high quality, effective, lean and powerful production chain that allows us to obtain these performances.

heavy background

great experience and expertise concentration of knowledge 
IoT evolutions + SDLC development + Materials processing technologies + Creativity

The best time for new beginnings is now

Our approach

to look for solutions with no certainty of the result has led us to a considerable wealth of knowledge: this is the baggage on which all our business is based.

our devices

a series of advanced ZDocks 

ZDock | Type 01

A dock stations for e-scooters to lock and electric wireless charging

ZDock | Type 02

ZDock is suitable for private, corporate or sharing company use, in urban and tourist areas, but also for journeys in closed spaces (company areas / warehouses).


our primary activity 

Labs on the road

Concepts & Pilot Projects for testing and verify. 


our solutions have been filed as patents with international coverage

ethics of ideas

creative efforts must be respected

The Team

a cohesive and highly result-oriented crew

Vision | Commitment | Tenacity

five free souls passionate about their jobs and ideas

Luciano Frizzera

Thinks & Actions

Gabriele Tezza

Patents & Solutions

Francesco Chesini

Production & Quality

Diego Scala

Design & Shapes 

Gian Piero Zadra

Business & Strategies

ZPLUS Srl Innovative StartUp

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be enough for

William Pollard


Via Lungo Leno Destro, 1/3
38068 Rovereto TN, IT

+39 (0)464 875118

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